Spirit’s bestowal

Deeply, we’ve felt Your all-presence,
in moments warm, healing, gracious,
delivering us from fear and darkness.
Dear Father-Mother, all-harmonious
Spirit, holding us at peace, enlightened,
with Love both center and circumference,
You’re showing us that each is always
Your spiritual child, ever so precious,
divinely inspired, safe, and perfect—holy even.
No one has ever really been
part of some sad scenario,
because You only bestow
upon us what You know—
keeping all in Your only-loving control,
thus protecting Your image so radiant,
preserving sweet health and innocence,
ensuring that Spirit’s all-pure goodness
is irreversibly in and for us all—since
we’re entirely permeated and enfolded
by Your truth, supreme and impervious,
by Your beautifully infinite beneficence. 

Suzanne Goewert

Turning Points in Spiritual Growth
Waking up in a cornfield
September 13, 2021

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