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Timely and God-inspired

I recently had a lengthy conversation with an old friend who has long been both an evangelical Christian and—while respectful of me—dismissive of Christian Science. This time, though, he was interested in knowing more about Christian Science and how it views certain key Christian concepts, including the Christ. We had a great talk, but I came away feeling there was much more to be said and explained. The following day I received the August 2, 2021, Sentinel, which contained Tony Lobl’s inspired editorial “Are we awaiting a future salvation?” It explained in much greater depth the Christian Science view of the Christ and its role in working out our salvation. I was grateful to be able to send this off to my friend as a timely and God-inspired contribution to our exploration of this important subject.

Greg Sandford, Eden Prairie, Minnesota, US

Full of truths I want to live

[Kim Crooks Korinek, “Beyond moral outrage to moral courage,” Sentinel, July 26, 2021]

What a wonderful editorial. It’s very clear and simple, yet full of the truths I want to live. It helped me to see that the hatred I have been feeling toward a certain politician is wrong and is not helping either me or the world. Thank you so much.

Tressa Lee, via JSH-Online.com

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September 13, 2021

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