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As I turned wholeheartedly to God in prayer, I felt a shift from a fearful and angry focus on injustice to an earnest focus on the supreme power of God, the source of all good.

What is real?

It’s good to consistently practice yielding to God, Mind, instead of casually accepting that what the material senses perceive is the reality.
Where we may see ourselves and others as sick, sinning, or dying, the spiritual fact is that each one of us is actually constantly reflecting all of the divine qualities, such as wholeness, purity, and immortality. 
How I found Christian Science
When I began to study Christian Science many years ago, I was seeking only peace of mind—I didn’t know that it heals. 
Enjoy this week’s poetic offering.

Let’s go up the mountain

No matter where you are, you can be still and quiet. You can let your thoughts go up, up, up to feel and know how close God is.
Testimony of Healing
We received a large number of people who had come to express their condolences. It was mostly a peaceful occurrence, but there was a group of young people who, after a little while, began to loudly insult some members of the family.
Testimony of Healing
I continued praying for thirty minutes or so and then said out loud, “This is the end of the matter.” The pain stopped, and the swelling went down immediately.
Testimony of Healing

Horse healed of colic

I knew my prayer would open the way for God’s truth to be manifested in this loved animal’s experience.
Bible Lens


The Shunammite’s generosity to Elisha brings great good to her and her family.

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