A God-impelled redefinition of our lives

We live in a fertile time of redefinition as we are being compelled to rethink large, even universal, questions on a global scale. “What is truth?” is being asked because of the proliferation of disinformation, political gamesmanship, and uncertainty regarding who and what can be trusted. Ongoing concerns related to COVID-19 and its variants prompt the question “What ultimately brings about and maintains health?” And for so many, the pandemic has changed so much of how we live, work, go to school, travel, and maintain social connections. It has also highlighted inequities. So we may also be asking ourselves, “What really matters in life?” There is a growing hunger for something higher and more secure than can be delivered by a rearrangement of human policies and material, biological, and psychological beliefs. 

Looking for answers from a different perspective has prompted many to explore spiritual precepts and how they can lead to transformative solutions. And many have found that the starting point for finding solutions is our concept and understanding of God. Is our view of God either that there is no such higher power or that God is a mysterious super-human who periodically doles out favors? Or do we perceive God as the one creator of all, who is infinite Love, Life, and Truth as explained in Christian Science?

Keeping Watch
Confronting racism with God’s thoughts
April 26, 2021

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