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Rising higher in confronting racism 

[Mimi Oka, “Confronting racism with God’s thoughts,” cssentinel.com, March 11, 2021]

As a parent of an Asian teenager, I appreciated the author sharing her experience and showing how to rise higher when confronted with racism. My family referenced ideas in the article in discussing current events, and everyone found something applicable. 

Michelle Gregory, via JSH-Online.com

This article and the related Daily Lift are so helpful for one living in South Africa and confronting racism so often in daily life. How simple and profound to ensure that we think God’s thoughts to counteract this scourge. 

Susan Dickinson, via JSH-Online.com

Tremendous talk

[Sentinel Watch, Piper Foster, “Breaking the spell of charismatic personalities,” cssentinel.com, March 1, 2021]

This talk was absolutely tremendous. I also work in the corporate world and have had many similar experiences. Piper’s acknowledgment of having been drawn to a charismatic personality and how she found her way back to a path of integrity through knowing God is hugely helpful. I really appreciate her honesty. 

Philip Dartnell, via JSH-Online.com

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