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We live in a fertile time of redefinition as we are being compelled to rethink large, even universal, questions on a global scale.
Keeping Watch
I was starting to understand that when my father spoke of thinking God’s thoughts instead of thoughts that defined him by race or nationality, he was showing me that we all can identify ourselves spiritually because of our eternal unity with God.
Keeping Watch

What’s my history?

A swift healing confirmed for me how important it is to understand that our history consists of a moment-by-moment being with God.
Keeping Watch

Unstick your wheels

I was frustrated, tired, and dizzy from a perpetual round of roller-coaster relationships. 

What comes next?

It seemed like everyone in his life wanted to know: What are you doing after graduation? But instead of feeling pressured, this writer leaned on what he’d been learning about God, Love, to find a way forward.
Testimony of Healing
I realized I had been doubting that I could be healed without a long, drawn-out process. But now I was so filled with the consciousness of the Christ, God’s saving message of love, that I knew I was well right then.
Testimony of Healing
I held to the thought that my being is anchored solely in divine Principle, Love, and I trusted that I could see this rule of normalcy, health, and healing demonstrated.
Testimony of Healing
I thank my Sunday School teachers for enabling me to know that God helps us in every situation.
Bible Lens

Everlasting Punishment

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