No more sprained ankles

From adolescence I was plagued by sprained ankles. They could occur at the drop of a hat, anywhere, anytime. Two weeks of rest, tensor bandages, and hobbling about would ensue. It never occurred to me that prayer could put a stop to it all or even help.

At a certain point in my life, my days started early and were full. One morning, while doing my chores before school, I turned my ankle severely. Then, as I limped about, it happened a second time. The pain was excruciating. It was impossible, however, for me to stop everything and put my foot up to begin the therapy I had used in the past. I resolved to continue with my day, although it seemed impossible to do so. Taking the day off from my job was not an option, at least not until I got to school and was able to make preparations for a substitute teacher. I was certain I was facing several unthinkable hours on my feet.

This was an extremity that became God’s opportunity. After I arrived at school, it occurred to me that I could call a Christian Science practitioner to ask for help through prayer. Christian Science had sustained me through many very difficult situations in my life. I had not yet taken Christian Science class instruction but was active in my branch church and enjoyed a growing sense of the spiritual nature of life. I popped into the school’s telephone room and made a brief call to the practitioner, in which I described my plight. The practitioner agreed to help. 

One of my daily duties that I particularly liked was standing in the front hall of the school to greet the students as they disembarked from buses and entered the school. It set a friendly, loving tone for the day to stand amidst this stream of sweet faces with a smile and a welcome. 

I have a clear memory from that morning of standing in a sea of children with a throbbing pain from my swollen ankle, and then experiencing a new and remarkable sensation, rather like a sprinkle of cool water on my foot, as the pain simply drained away. It was as simple and as swift as that. The pain was gone and did not return.

The gifts from that healing were manifold. The healing was definitely not only a hallelujah for my day but also a beacon that gave me courage and a sense of direction through other difficult times. The instant, loving work of the Christian Science practitioner who answered my call was the perfect expression of our Father-Mother God’s all-powerful, pure, and healing ever-presence. The healing truths that the practitioner acknowledged in prayer brought instant, effective, and long-lasting benefits. That was the end of the sprained ankles.

The study of Christian Science has underpinned my experience for many years now. A growing understanding of the great heart of the universe called God—Spirit, Mind, Love—as well as the weekly Bible Lessons from the Christian Science Quarterly, the other Christian Science periodicals, church services, prayerful help as needed from Christian Science practitioners, and class instruction are what keep me upright in life. My gratitude ever expands.

Katherine Ellis
Georgian Bluffs, Ontario, Canada

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