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On the basis that Truth’s infinitude leaves no room for lies, we discern that God is the true wellspring of all thought and action, and that therefore none of God’s children can perpetrate or be persuaded by a “firehose of falsehood.”

Truth you can trust

How are we to know what is actually true?
It simply is not in God’s character to send, allow, or admit evil, and we have the God-given right to defy any claim that He does.
I needed a religion that would set me on some kind of path to a more satisfying way of life.

Conscious of You

Enjoy this week’s poetic offering.
TeenConnect: Your Healings
It was an important math test, and this student was stumped. Then her professor unexpectedly taught her a lesson in what intelligence really looks like, and she learned how listening to God plays a key role in the way we express that quality.
Testimony of Healing
I felt the divine power at work, and soon the bleeding and pain stopped.
Testimony of Healing
One of our tour directors remarked near the end of the trip that she had never heard me complain about anything that had happened, and I thought, “What’s to complain about? I’ve had two wonderful healings!
Testimony of Healing

No more sprained ankles

I have a clear memory from that morning of standing in a sea of children with a throbbing pain from my swollen ankle, and then experiencing a new and remarkable sensation, rather like a sprinkle of cool water on my foot, as the pain simply drained away.
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Doctrine of Atonement

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