Employment found through God’s guidance

I had moved to Boston in the hope of finding a job in graphic design—a talent and skill I had developed over a period of years. I canvassed local businesses for work, but every time I thought I had a good prospect, the door would close, and I would be left still looking. Eventually, I was down to my last few dollars, with no savings and no job in sight.  

One morning, I sat at the kitchen table, feeling at a total loss for ideas. I finally stopped ruminating over the situation and said aloud, “OK, God, what do You want me to do?” My thoughts then became very still, and I listened. The idea came as clearly as if spoken out loud that I should call the personnel director of an organization I cared about deeply.

I was surprised, as I had actually contacted this person several times in the past few months, but nothing had developed. Yet, I obediently made the call. The director replied that she did have an opening but didn’t think it was anything I’d be interested in. “Just try me,” I said. “Let me see what it’s all about.”

The job was in maintenance—definitely not an area I would have considered previously. But I interviewed for the position, and the desire to be useful (and the need for employment) overcame my initial hesitation. I was hired, and to my delight, the job included an apartment, rent-free, with the agreement that I would also serve as the resident manager of the property. I was soon able to move all my furniture from storage into a first-floor unit.

The blessings didn’t stop there. After a year or so, I met a wonderful lady who lived in the same building. Eventually we married, and later became parents to our lovely daughter.

When our department was phased out after five years, I got a job offer from a design firm in another state, which I took. When that job ended after the company lost a major client, my experience in maintenance and construction proved useful, and I soon moved into a position as an assistant subdivision supervisor for a national homebuilder. This job later led me to get a contractor’s license and start my own homebuilding and remodeling company. This business was productive and useful and continued until our family decided to relocate.

There’s no way I could ever have planned all this. Yet, as an article on Christian Science says, quoting poet Robert Browning, “On the earth, the broken arcs; in the heaven, a perfect round” (Louise Knight Wheatley Cook, “The truth about adversity,” Sentinel, February 1, 1941). Even if at times we cannot see it, God’s “perfect round” in our lives is one of constant love, and as we sincerely turn to Him for guidance, we and others are blessed. For this I am profoundly grateful.

Paul Sedan 
San Francisco, California, US

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