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God gives us His spiritual ideas, and in turn, they lead us to our home in Soul, our true existence.
I acknowledged that because God is my loving Father-Mother, my divine Parent, my needs are always supplied.
Glimpses of Truth

Our home in God

I look forward to being in my right place by holding on to good and loving thoughts.
Since God is the unlimited source of all good, His supply is always full and available.
Our true “history”—our eternal reality—is actually spiritual and good because we’re made in the likeness of God.


This body’s not a prison from which we must escape.
I prayed not only for myself but also for my dad’s business and for the rest of the country.
Testimony of Healing
The idea came as clearly as if spoken out loud that I should call the personnel director of an organization I cared about deeply.
Testimony of Healing

Prayer routs flu symptoms

One morning a few months ago, I awoke not feeling like myself, with symptoms that were flu-like.
Testimony of Healing
Step by step, I could identify, claim, and demonstrate my pure, spiritual wholeness, and this growing understanding would have a tangible effect in the healing of my body.
Testimony of Healing

No room for pain

I still feel the joy of that moment when I really knew that I forever live in the secure arms of Love.
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