Shoulder injury healed

In 2019 I twisted my shoulder in such a way that it became inflexible, without full range of motion. I had to adjust the way I put on clothes and how I reached for things above me; in general, it affected all aspects of my active lifestyle. No one else was aware of this restriction and discomfort, but I would sometimes wince in pain as I pushed my arm too far. This condition went on for months, and at times I was afraid I would have to just live with this as my “new normal.”

As a student of Christian Science, however, I understood that God does not know me as made up of bones, muscles, and other physical characteristics, but rather as reflecting qualities of the divine nature. I leaned in to the work of spiritually discerning my innate unity with God. I thought to myself, “There is no material cause, and nothing can change the truth of how I am made and maintained by God.” 

Testimony of Healing
Child healed of fever and convulsions
February 1, 2021

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