Shoulder injury healed

In 2019 I twisted my shoulder in such a way that it became inflexible, without full range of motion. I had to adjust the way I put on clothes and how I reached for things above me; in general, it affected all aspects of my active lifestyle. No one else was aware of this restriction and discomfort, but I would sometimes wince in pain as I pushed my arm too far. This condition went on for months, and at times I was afraid I would have to just live with this as my “new normal.”

As a student of Christian Science, however, I understood that God does not know me as made up of bones, muscles, and other physical characteristics, but rather as reflecting qualities of the divine nature. I leaned in to the work of spiritually discerning my innate unity with God. I thought to myself, “There is no material cause, and nothing can change the truth of how I am made and maintained by God.” 

Christian Science explains that the body manifests what’s held in thought. Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy states, “Unless muscles are self-acting at all times, they are never so,—never capable of acting contrary to mental direction” (p. 160). I knew that by grounding my thought in spiritual understanding instead of focusing on my body, I could experience the supreme control of the one Mind, God, which produces supple movement, resolves tension, and sustains freedom.

Even though this condition went on for some time, I did not waver from my prayers. Each day, the weekly Bible Lesson from the Christian Science Quarterly spoke to me of God’s care and provision for all of creation. I endeavored to eliminate worry and fear by acknowledging the truth that God created me whole and perfect, and that there is no power that could have a negative effect on me or my experience. God is the only power, and that power is all good! 

Inspired by an article I had read on, I took to heart the author’s approach of affirming a spiritual fact about God’s nature anytime he felt pain or restricted movement. When I was putting on my clothes in the morning, instead of anticipating pain, I would say aloud a fresh thought about God or about myself as God’s reflection. I also declared spiritual facts counteracting the belief that time has anything to do with God, divine Life, since time is a human construct, a limiting measurement. Divine Life has no relation to time, no concept of time, no impact from time. There was no time needed for recovery from this injury; there was no time of inhibited activity; and there is no relationship between time and our spiritual identity. 

Every day, I prayed in this way. Every day, I consciously worshiped God, Spirit. And I found that, as Science and Health says, “every step towards goodness is a departure from materiality, and is
a tendency towards God, Spirit” (p. 213).

Then it was Christmastime, with travel to an anticipated family gathering. In addition to my restricted shoulder, a rash had developed on my back; I had another ache somewhere else in my body; and I had begun to exhibit symptoms of the flu. What a ridiculous picture of disharmony! 

I firmly and quickly affirmed the ever-presence of the Christ. Christ, Truth, speaks to human consciousness, voices spiritual reality, inspires confidence, destroys fear, and guides thought to worship, honor, and be present with only one God, good. And the body responds to this healing activity of the Christ in consciousness.

The joy I had with these ideas while celebrating the Christ at Christmas with my loved family, who provided constant prayerful support, outweighed all those bodily ills. Everything melted away, and
I was whole and healed of all the problems, including the restriction in my shoulder. I was able to resume all of my activities and sports, fully functional and mobile. Everything yielded to the touch of the Christ. 

I was so grateful! I did not have to accept a “new normal” where I tolerated limited movement or chronic pain. I live in the Divine, where health, activity, and freedom are normal.

How reassuring it is to know that all is healable, no matter how long a problem may appear to have gone on, because consciousness responds to the Christ, and the body comes right along, no longer calling attention to itself. Each one of us reflects the harmony of being as God’s perfectly designed and fully functioning idea.

Kristin Jamerson
Portland, Oregon, US

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