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Nothing overcomes the limits of material living as effectively as growing in our spiritual understanding and expressing that in more loving lives. 
Like the two women who approached Christ Jesus, I realized I would go to any lengths for even a crumb of spiritual understanding.

When the unexpected happened

How would we pay our bills? How would we put food on the table? 

Not neglecting my thoughts

Enjoy this week’s poetic offering

Prayer and protection from wildfire

I knew I needed to pray immediately, but the fire seemed so frightening that it was difficult to think of anything else. What helped me was asking myself, “How does God see things right now?”
TeenConnect: Your Healings

Healed of mono

This healing gave me a lot more confidence in my ability to pray for myself.
Testimony of Healing

Shoulder injury healed

I leaned in to the work of spiritually discerning my innate unity with God.
Testimony of Healing
One day when our son was a toddler, he was running a high fever and started having convulsions.
Testimony of Healing

Knee injury healed

While downhill skiing several years ago, I felt something give way in my knee as I was going around a mogul.
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