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Way forward to healing and peace

[“A journey of faith and healing after rape,” Sentinel, December 7, 2020]

It gives me great comfort to know that seekers will find this article when they search, and will see that there’s a way forward to healing and peace, even when something terrible like a rape has been carried out. Thanks so much to the author for her courage in sharing this experience. 

Rachel Hanson, via JSH-Online.com

Shorter testimonies

[Continuing the Conversation, Tony Lobl, “Rediscovering short but oh-so-sweet testimonies,” Sentinel, November 2, 2020]

I am happy to hear about this. Perhaps those who aren’t inclined to write longer, more detailed testimonies will now share. This is a very inclusive move. I look forward to the changes!

Kaye Cover, via JSH-Online.com

While this may be a good idea, I think readers are most interested in the metaphysics behind the healing/transformation. I would not exclude this vital part of a testimony.

Dona Musgrave, via JSH-Online.com

We’re confident you’ll continue to find spiritual insight and inspiration in the shorter testimonies—which can have as much power as longer, detailed ones, and the Sentinel will have both.

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