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True self-care

When the cup of our lives is filled, it can overflow to others.
Taking moments to really feel God’s presence each morning, and sometimes at other difficult times during the day, became a lifeline.

How do I know God loves me?

When we see good things happening; feel a deep sense of peace, inspiration, or healing; or recognize beauty in a moment of nature, it’s all evidence of God loving us.
As we reject a path of reaction and emotion and accept our likeness to pure Love, we find our lives and relationships proportionately transformed.
TeenConnect: Your Healings
When an expensive item was damaged at the warehouse where this teen worked, her boss asked her to cover for him by writing a dishonest email. What was she supposed to do? Turning to prayer led her to an unexpected solution.

You are compassionate, Lord

Enjoy this week’s poetic offering
Testimony of Healing

Healed of breathing problem

The temptation to wonder about my health gently gave way to a profound spiritual awakening.
Testimony of Healing

Back injury quickly healed

I was helping my husband move a mattress when an agonizing wrench in my back caused me to drop the mattress and collapse to the floor.
Testimony of Healing

Confrontation ends peacefully

I refused to believe that these men were evil or could think and act with malicious intentions.
Bible Lens


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