Freedom from severe anxiety and depression

For about thirty years, I was on antidepressants. I did fairly well with them for a while, but as time went by they were no longer as effective, and I started experiencing severe anxiety. I began taking a variety of medication combinations. And prescription drugs were not the only means I employed in my attempts to cope with stress. I also tried, at various times, smoking, exercise regimens, binge eating, and drinking alcohol, along with several forms of therapy. Nothing worked, and things seemed to keep getting worse.

Finally, I ended up on four medications, taken throughout the day and night. The psychiatrists knew that the medications caused suicide ideation—and I attempted suicide twice—but they didn’t know how to help me without them. 

Then it was suggested that maybe mindfulness-based therapy would help. I proceeded to try this method. But while I was sitting in the therapist’s office trying to relax with the mindfulness therapy techniques, I had the thought that I should try prayer. 

Testimony of Healing
Internal illness healed
March 30, 2020

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