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From the readers

After a very unusual day, during which I hadn’t even had time for my usual spiritual study, I was ready to fall into bed.
On the web: The following JSH-Online.
God’s true creation, which He declared to be good, is perfect, eternally harmonious as He made it.
I needed to get myself out of the way and let God take charge.
Christ speaks to us of our real nature as the immortal, spiritual expression of God’s strength.

Powerful new views

When we’re open to those new views that reveal reality as wholly spiritual, we’re looking toward a horizon that holds unlimited possibilities.
How I Found Christian Science

‘Her words were like a balm to me’

One day many years ago, I was sitting in the waiting room of a clinic when a very dear friend approached me and warmly greeted me.
From Kids
One Sunday morning I had a very bad toothache.
Testimony of Healing

Normal vision restored

One day, I spent quite a lot of time out in the bright sunlight reading on my cellphone.
Testimony of Healing
When I was eleven and a Christian Science Sunday School student, I had a healing experience that was like riding a two-wheel bicycle for the first time.
Testimony of Healing
During my stay at a summer camp in the United States, we had a lot of sports activities every day.

Love’s life-covenant

Divinely given, heaven on earthis life all-blessed, whole, upright,not about discord, disease, dearth,danger, disturbance, dark night;


We never retire from God, Life, and His goodness, vitality, omnipresence, and eternality.
Bible Lens

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