Honoring our great worth as God’s child

It was a beautiful spring morning, and my husband and I were on our way to church, where I was to teach Sunday School. That morning a number of roads surrounding our church were blocked off and the traffic rerouted because of a marathon that was being held in our city. 

After following a particularly circuitous route, I realized that if I could just make a U-turn, I would be past all the barriers and road closings and would have a clear path to the church, which was just a few blocks away. I didn’t see any prohibiting signs. As I made the U-turn, however, a police siren went off, and with lights flashing, a police car pulled me over. A very agitated and angry police officer came up to our car. She asked me if I knew how dangerous that U-turn had been, indicating that I’d put marathon runners and onlookers in harm’s way. I looked around. There was no one in view. Not a single pedestrian or runner, and no other cars. The race had not yet reached where we were, and there was no indication that it would be there any time soon.

The truth about opinions
May 13, 2019

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