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From the readers

[Inge Schmidt, “Finding balance: Look at the big picture,” JSH-Online.
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Agenda-free prayer

The more openhearted my prayer, the more powerful the results.
I felt compelled to love this police officer with Christlike love and forgiveness.

The truth about opinions

I was hoping my professors would see the light and change their view of me. 
God had given us the strength and grace to receive this gift.
How I Found Christian Science
Many decades ago, after graduating from high school, I looked disdainfully on anyone who believed in God.
From Kids

Learning about the Bible helped us!

We are two sisters and a brother, and we go to the Christian Science Sunday School.
Testimony of Healing
In August 2010, I hiked to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro and experienced a wonderful healing.
Testimony of Healing

Desire to drink alcohol disappears

At the time I first learned about Christian Science, I drank alcohol.
Testimony of Healing

Cat healed

One day I noticed that my cat, Gerard, was showing signs of a feline malady.
Image and Inspiration

'Man should be found not ...'

What if a “warfare with one’s self” could change the headlines?
Bible Lens

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