How is your Father-Mother God seeing you?

                    As an idea,
          unlimited by prognoses having to do with matter, body;
             not limited by speculations as to your “status;”
                       not limited because
                your status today, this very moment,
                is what it ever was, IS, and
                ever will be, eternally.
             You ARE, not will be, Life’s idea:
          the beautiful, intelligent, clear-thinking, dominion-given, 
                    divinely discerned idea of LIGHT.
                       So ...
          don’t let timidity hold you back; drop earthly weights, false fears; 
and as you let go seemingly intractable shackles
     LOVE lifts you up, away from regret, sorrow, sin,
     to the realization that God’s work is complete and pure!
Let that concept of who has created you … in, 
and, rising as morning light, listening trustingly,

Sally Schauman Brown

May 6, 2019

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