A healing at summer camp

Last summer I went to America to attend a summer camp for Christian Scientists. While I was there, my throat got swollen during the night, and it really hurt to breathe. 

This caused me a bit of worry, but I just kept praying. I have had previous experiences of healing through prayer, which is why I knew I could rely on prayer for help in this case, too. For instance, once I had a healing after I gashed my knee badly. I’ve also read about lots of healings in this magazine.

When I pray, I talk to God truthfully about whatever comes to my thoughts. I also listen for good ideas from God. One night, I had the idea to visit someone. So the next morning, I told my sister what was going on. She suggested I talk to a lovely woman who was the camp mum. This lady was there for comfort and good ideas. She talked to me for a while and asked if I wanted to visit the Christian Science practitioner who was there at the camp and could help me by praying for me. I said yes, and the practitioner and I walked together along the trail by the lake so we could have a talk about what was bothering me.

As we walked, the practitioner asked me what I would do if I was a practitioner and someone came to me with a similar problem. I told him I would tell the person that the issue is just a costume, and you can take it off at any time. It isn’t part of you because it is evil, and evil has to be nothing because God didn’t create it. And I would pray knowing those same things. The practitioner told me that that’s exactly what he would say and do. We continued walking for a little while, and as we walked, I began to feel better. The practitioner told
me to get to my next activity and to come and see him at dinner.


By the time I reached my next activity, which was fishing, the others were already halfway through. As I thought about all the good ideas we’d talked about and all God’s love for me, I caught a fish. This was incredible, since I have only ever caught one fish before. It made me feel very loved and close to God to have experienced something so wonderful.

I went to dinner feeling full of excitement and telling everyone about the fish. Eating was easy; I had no problems swallowing. That night I went off to sleep and had absolutely zero issues. My throat was completely clear.

This was an amazing healing, and really helped me feel closer to God.

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April 1, 2019

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