No ‘what ifs’ in God

I remember years ago recounting to a Christian Science practitioner a litany of concerns that all started with the phrase “What if”—what if such and such happens and what if that leads to something worse? He kindly interrupted me, suggesting that I stop worrying about the “what ifs” and focus on what is—what is true from a spiritual standpoint right now. Good idea. I wasn’t currently experiencing any of those things that were stressing me out—they were all dire predictions. Rather than be filled with worry, I should have more faith in good—in God and His control over my life. I snapped out of it and stopped worrying about the future, grateful for the reminder to place my trust in the omnipotence of God. 

To feel the sense of security in our lives that comes from spiritual understanding, we must learn to differentiate between what seems true from a limited, matter-based point of view, and what actually is true, God-ordained, and discerned only through what Mary Baker Eddy calls “spiritual sense.” Accepting what we see with the material senses as true and real often induces fear and instability, while an uplifted spiritual view provides comfort and practical results. 

April 1, 2019

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