‘Staying in Spirit’ brings healing

 Several years ago, I had a large wart on the top of my hand. It had been there a few months, and it was embarrassing to have people see it. I had prayed only periodically about it, not consistently or deeply. 

One day I heard an audio piece on JSH-Online.com that talked about manatees. The speaker said that they can swim in both salt water and fresh water and that they gather barnacles on their back when they are in salt water. But when they swim into fresh water, the barnacles just fall off. The speaker said that if we metaphorically regard salt water as the realm of matter and fresh water as the realm of Spirit, we can mentally put ourselves into the realm of Spirit (open our thought to God and His creation, the realm of spiritual being), and then what needs removing will fall away. 

Image and Inspiration
'Brood o’er us with Thy shelt’ring wing ...'
December 17, 2018

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