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From the readers

I had been experiencing pain in one leg that made walking and descending stairs difficult.
On the web: The following JSH-Online.
I’ve had many opportunities to “pass through” what appear to be threatening situations and to love rather than hate.
There is always an answer when we choose to follow the right way.

Ageless being and joyful song

I could express only tones that were perfect and beautiful qualities of God. 
Our savings were about to run out, and I wondered how we would manage.
In Christ, Truth, the family of man is one—we’re all at one with the Father.
Just as red and blue naturally make purple when mixed, spiritual love and respect combined inevitably lead to needed progress.
For Kids

Welcome the Prince of Peace

We were all having fun … or so it seemed! 
Testimony of Healing

Resentment healed

Christian Science found me through a colleague when I was struggling with many challenges way back in 1993.
Testimony of Healing

Severe headache healed

One morning, I awoke with a severe headache.
Testimony of Healing
 Several years ago, I had a large wart on the top of my hand.
Image and Inspiration

'Brood o’er us with Thy shelt’ring wing ...'

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The magnitude of God’s love fills every aspect of being, dissolving fear and dismantling its actions, just as darkness yields to light.
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