Powerful evidence of Mind’s presence

When a proposition is put to us, we usually want evidence that it’s sound. What is the proposed idea based on? Why should we believe it, or accept it, or act on it? What evidence is there that it’s true?

When Christ Jesus was walking from village to village, healing and teaching, he was putting forward a most radical proposition about the nature of God and man, which flew in the face of everything people thought they knew. The God whom Jesus knew so intimately that he called Him “Abba”—Daddy—is not a manlike God. He is wholly spiritual, the divine presence that is infinite Spirit and Love, which is all good. And His kingdom isn’t an earthly one; it is a spiritual state known as the kingdom of heaven, the only true universe, in which sin and disease are unknown. 

A sweet treat—in honor of Mother’s Day
May 8, 2017

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