Healed of several ailments

I’ve always appreciated the story in the Bible about the woman who had an issue of blood for twelve years and was healed by the spirit of divine Love expressed by Christ Jesus (see Mark 5:25–34). We are told that physicians had been unable to heal this woman, and she had spent all her money on their efforts, without results. But when she heard of Jesus, she felt that if she could only touch his garment, she could be healed. Well, she did touch Jesus’ garment and it had an immediate effect—freedom at last—produced by her faith, as Jesus proclaimed. Isn’t this what we are all seeking, freedom from the false beliefs of fleshly ills?

That account reminds me of a healing I had some time ago. For over four years, I had nosebleeds at least once a week, and often more frequently. I didn’t go to a physician to find out a cause because from many prior Christian Science healings, I knew my answer was in knowing God better. I absolutely knew that God was my only physician.

Testimony of Healing
‘With lovingkindness have I drawn thee’
May 8, 2017

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