Healed after mountain biking accident

This is adapted from a testimony originally posted during The Mother Church’s online Wednesday testimony meeting.

It’s time to publicly give thanks to God for a healing I had years ago when mountain biking with some friends. We were heading down the mountain to go home. There was a sharp curve in the trail and a large boulder obscured the view. As I maneuvered my bike around the curve, several people stepped right in my path, as they couldn’t see me coming. I braked to avoid hitting them, but the tires of my bike skidded on the gravel of the trail, and I lost my balance, falling off my bike and sliding a bit down the incline. My ankle lodged between two rocks, and I could barely walk when I got up.

My friends were supportive, and I managed to get myself and the bike down the rest of the trail. I prayed a little, but it was more of a desperate plea for this pain in my ankle to get corrected immediately because I was supposed to fly home the next day and I didn’t see how I could handle the flight in the state I was in. That evening, my friends worked to make me comfortable and offered kindly meant advice about elevating or icing my leg; but having successfully relied on Christian Science for healing before, I recognized that only prayer that conformed to the laws of God could offer permanent healing.

Testimony of Healing
A spiritual sense of home brings healing
January 30, 2017

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