To be free

The desire for freedom is increasingly stirring in human hearts throughout the world, from individuals to whole nations. We’re often very aware of efforts to achieve political, racial, or ethnic freedom. These make the news and have a large impact on wide swaths of society. But also going on, often unnoticed, are the quiet efforts of individuals to gain their own liberty—financial freedom, for instance, or freedom from physical ailments and disabilities, or from burdens imposed on them by difficult circumstances. 

What underlies true liberty in any direction, collectively or individually, is a fundamental spiritual truth—man’s inseparability from God, divine Love. Man’s oneness with God as His image, or expression, is a state of inherent freedom, because divine Love governs man benevolently and harmoniously. God expresses in every one of His children health, abundant substance and supply, unrestricted movement and ability, and joy.

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July 4, 2016

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