Good government starts with self-government

I threw the newspaper with the shocking headline onto the dining room table. Dismayed, I couldn’t read any further. A political scandal had been dominating news coverage for the past few days, and on this particular day a disclosure had come to light that took the improprieties to a new low. 

I started to carry a basket of dirty laundry down to the basement, but I wasn’t really thinking about doing my laundry. I was mentally condemning the individual who was at the center of the scandal. Lost in my thoughts, and unable to see the stairs because of the laundry basket I was carrying, I started down the steps unaware that my cat was right in front of me, sound asleep. I stepped on him, inadvertently pushing him off the stairs. I lost my balance, twisted, and fell, landing on my shoulder on the basement floor. The fall knocked the wind out of me, and, for a moment, I couldn’t move. 

The purity that conquers hate
July 4, 2016

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