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[“Out from under the shadow,” Aidan O’Hagan, May 16, 2016, Sentinel]
Christian Science Sentinel—Audio Podcast
I felt led to forgive not only the politician but also myself. 
The quality of purity is to be fought for and defended.

Harmony is intact

Harmony is a law of God. It is operating continuously. 

The one true healer

We’re not responsible for making man perfect; we can know he already is!
Turning Points In Spiritual Growth

A renewed practice

It was through a wonderful healing that I reached a significant turning point in my spiritual growth and recommitted myself to the path of progress defined by Christian Science—the path to wholeness, health, and salvation.
Bible Lens
I was walking in the woods with my grandma.
Testimony of Healing

Gratitude for healings

It is with great joy that I express my gratitude for Christian Science, for every blessing I’ve received, for every healing I’ve had, and for being protected several times.
Testimony of Healing

Persistent pain ends

In July 2004, my family and my brother’s family took a vacation together.
Testimony of Healing

Freedom of movement restored

One spring day I was moving some valuable computer equipment out of the office where I worked.

The walls must fall!

In every nation, men have fought   for human liberty;And since God’s justice must prevail,   then all men will be free.
Image and Inspiration

'O Thou abundant Life, whose freshness daily...'

Fresh almonds, Almond orchard in Fresno, California

To be free

Divine Mind forever maintains the freedom of all creation, expressing its righteous government in the true selfhood of each of us. 

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