Healing of foot injury

I was moving quickly to get my daughter to school a few months ago, and I smacked my bare foot on an open door. As I hopped around in extreme pain, I knew that this was a time for radical prayer! I reasoned that I could decide to go along with the thought that I was suffering from an accident or with what I knew to be true—that God’s law of harmony actually governs me (and everyone) every second of the day. I knew that because I was God’s child, God loved me and cared for me as a loving, protective parent would, and that I could never fall from His presence.

I got my daughter on the bus and took a few more minutes to pray for myself. I noticed one of my toes was discolored and swelling up. I’m a competitive rower, and I was training for a big race. Rowing with an injured or broken anything just wasn’t going to work, and I felt I needed some prayerful help. So I called a Christian Science practitioner.

Image and Inspiration
Breaking through the clouds of darkness
February 1, 2016

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