Mobility restored

I had twisted my knee, and my leg had become very swollen. I was unable to bend my knee, and my mobility was restricted. This happened at a time when I was serving as the president of an organization and, as such, was responsible for representing the organization publicly. I also sing in two choirs, and we were preparing for a national singing event, which required additional time for practice.

One thing was certain to me: The physical problem was actually mental in nature, and the healing would come through a shift in thought from material concepts to spiritual truths. I called a Christian Science practitioner for treatment through prayer. From experience I know that treatment from a practitioner helps to still any mental turmoil. During the daily conversations that followed, we affirmed the spiritual facts of being: that there is only one reality, God’s reality, which is spiritual, inviolable, perfect, changeless, and eternally reflects God’s allness, omnipotence, omnipresence, and omniscience. The divine inspiration that was coming to us also unmasked and uncovered the false claims of life in matter—claims that one can be injured, unable to function, and unable to fulfill one’s duties.

Testimony of Healing
Immediate prayer brings quick healing
February 1, 2016

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