Injured back restored

Several years ago I led four young adults, who were visiting me, on a beautiful hike that ended at a fun waterfall. Sometimes people use a guide for this trip, and the guide provides entertainment by jumping off the 40-foot waterfall for all to see. As I had been on this trip many times, we didn’t use a guide, but there was a guide at the end of our journey with a tour group. He was doing his thing at the 40-foot jump while we were swimming in a smaller pool below with a little 15-foot jump. 

While I was swimming, a sudden, huge impact hit my back and left me speechless and almost paralyzed. I yelled in pain, but no sound came out. I could barely breathe. I managed to drag myself to the edge of the pool. The guide had decided to do a little dive show into the small pool and had not looked before leaping.

Testimony of Healing
Broken arm and arthritis healed
July 6, 2015

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