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Joy and dominion

Finding our way completely through a challenge isn’t a prerequisite for joy.
True manhood is manifested in self-respect, courage, and strength, as well as the ability to forgive and forget.
I can know that no one ever dwells outside of God’s kingdom and reign. 
Image and Inspiration

And as a mirror shows us

Mirror Lakes, New Zealand
Primary Class Instruction
When the heart yearns for divine Love’s guidance, we can be assured of being gently directed to where we need to be, and when we need to be there.

God doesn’t make bullies

When I first went to school, there were two boys who were mean, sometimes three.
Bible Lens
Testimony of Healing

Injured back restored

Several years ago I led four young adults, who were visiting me, on a beautiful hike that ended at a fun waterfall.
Testimony of Healing
During World War I, my father sustained serious leg injuries and was sent back to England, where on further examination, the doctors felt his leg should be amputated.
Testimony of Healing

Two meaningful healings

Over a long life as a Christian Scientist, I have learned that we must strive to maintain a state of consciousness that keeps the truth of being in the forefront of thought all the time.
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Wings of joy

Learning to fly on wings of joy brought freedom to a girl who had an extreme nervous condition.
There is really only one authority, God. And it can be understood and demonstrated by everyone!

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