Divine Love dissolves differences

Recently I was swimming at our local sports club when I heard two men talking loudly and agitatedly. I poked my head out of the water long enough to see them standing at the end of one lane in a heated discussion. After a couple of more laps, I checked again. Two pool employees had now joined them, and I could hear their pleas for the argument to stop. It didn’t sound as if much progress was being made.

As a Christian Scientist, I have learned that we can bring prayer to every situation, so I reached out to God. I felt prompted to call across to the men, rather loudly so that I could be heard, “Gentlemen, I invite one of you to swim in my lane.” They didn’t respond, so I called out the invitation several more times until they finally took notice. One man called back, “This is a matter of principle.” I heard myself thinking, “The only real Principle is divine Love.” 

July 6, 2015

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