‘Love is the liberator’

Reprinted from the January 9, 1926, Sentinel

How many times in the passage from sense to Soul does the Christian Scientist cry out in despair: How shall I work out of this difficulty? I have done the best I know, and still it clings to me. What have I done that is wrong, or what have I left undone? If the perplexed one will turn to the Christian Science textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, and read what its wise author, Mrs. Eddy, has said on page 225, he will find the answer he craves: “Love is the liberator.” That is all; but it is enough! “Love is the liberator”! It matters not what the persistent difficulty may be; because man is the image and likeness of God, each one is entitled to freedom; and, in fact, our Father-Mother God demands that we exercise our divine right to be free. Yes, of course, but how? we plaintively ask. Again comes the answer, “Love is the liberator”!

Now what is this divine Love, and how shall we understand and reflect it, thereby gaining freedom? The answers to these questions, understood and practiced, will open the very kingdom of heaven to one; will indeed liberate him from any and all forms of evil, and bring him into peace and health and the abundance of all good. Therefore, it behooves every one to find the answers and understand what Love is, feel it, and express it.

We reflect divine Love consciously when we realize that God, good, is the only power and the only reality; that good and the creations of good fill all space; and that man and the universe are the expression of this omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient God, or good. Think of it. Then let us ask ourselves if we are really comprehending it in some degree; or if we are just saying words which we should like to believe are true, but which are, as a matter of fact, just words to us, and that what we are really believing is the material senses, which tell us that evil is quite as powerful and ever present as good.

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