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Thank you so much to John Minard for his article “We live in Love, not fear” [February 23, 2015, Sentinel].
Christian Science Sentinel
I strove to prayerfully embrace all of God’s children.

Be true to your true self

Jesus didn’t fall in with the world.

Nip fear in the bud

There is absolutely no reality to any suggestion of evil, because there is no trace of God in it.
In turning to God in prayer, I was essentially running forward to meet the Goliath of intimidation and impasse.
Image and Inspiration

Still, still with Thee

Steel Bridge in Portland, Oregon
How I Found Christian Science

Stepping out of darkness

Six years ago I heard El Heraldo de la Ciencia Cristiana radio program on a station in Tijuana.

The help we needed

I realized how true and yet simple God’s First Commandment from the Bible is.
Bible Lens
Testimony of Healing

Nothing out of place

At the conclusion of one of the services for which I had served as usher in our branch Church of Christ, Scientist, I went into one of the restrooms to turn off the lights.
Testimony of Healing

Our daughter’s freedom

Our three-year-old daughter was happily dancing with her babysitter in the other room, when all of a sudden, she began to cry and came to me for comfort.
Testimony of Healing

Injury healed quickly

As a Christian Scientist, I think of myself as a student of “the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen”.
Still Fresh and Healing Today
How many times in the passage from sense to Soul does the Christian Scientist cry out in despair: How shall I work out of this difficulty?

The Mind that heals

You and I have been created in God’s image, to express His harmony, and He is the Mind that is maintaining our harmony. 

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