Cross-country gratitude and healing

Around the Thanksgiving holiday last year, while I had plenty to be grateful for, I felt I had a long list of challenges in my life that needed healing—chief among them was the fear that I didn’t have sufficient funds. I was planning to move across the country the following week and didn’t see how I was going to pay for the trip. I found it ironic that at the time of year in the United States when we’re supposed to be especially grateful for the abundance of good in our life, I was feeling that there wasn’t enough good to go around.

The fear of financial lack caused me to have trouble sleeping and consumed my thought throughout the day. After one particularly restless night, I called a Christian Science practitioner for metaphysical treatment. While on the phone, the practitioner shared a handful of helpful ideas that buoyed my thought by reminding me of the true nature of my relationship to God—that as a child of God, man can never be separated from infinite good and therefore is always held in perfect peace. Then he said three words that meant more than anything else, “God loves you.”

Our gratitude for God heals!
November 23, 2015

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