I always appreciate the “On the Web” selections at the beginning of each Sentinel issue. I’m especially grateful for the recent quote in the June 30, 2014, issue from Joy Frawley’s article, “Patience and purpose” [June 2, 2014, JSH-Online.com]. She states: “I began to grasp that most often it was not that my desires, such as rewarding employment, were necessarily wrong. My error was in not purifying my desires and humbly seeing how God would ‘create in me a clean heart’ (Psalms 51:10).” I didn’t even go to the article to read any further; that quote brought healing! I remembered when I had been struggling with a number of challenges, mainly financial. As silly as this now sounds, one of the things I had been asking God was “It’s right for me to have a new mattress, so why can’t I afford to buy a new one?”! 

The quote from the Sentinel article opened my eyes to the realization that my desire for a new mattress was right, but I hadn’t been purifying that desire. I only wanted comfort and something new, not a desire to serve God and listen. An eye-opener! (And, yes, I did eventually get a new mattress!)

Persistence in healing
August 4, 2014

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