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I always appreciate the “On the Web” selections at the beginning of each Sentinel issue.
Ken Girard, a Christian Science practitioner from Arlington, Massachusetts, was the guest on this live Sentinel question-and-answer event.

Delivered from danger

Evil intentions were no part of God, who is my true Life. 

Unafraid to share

I prayed to understand that Christian Science, the “light” God had given me, could not be hidden by fear.
We both really needed to listen to divine Mind’s direction to put us where we needed to be.
Spiritual Lens

Rebirth day

Soul originates individualityfreshly each daybreathes life as Spiritinto ideasthat bloom and blessin countless ways
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson

Spirit's newness—now

This week’s Christian Science Bible Lesson, “Spirit,” underscores the allness of God’s nature with words such as reign, great, glorious, majesty, wondrous works.
The Touch of Class

The answer I was seeking

I learned a big lesson about divine guidance years ago when I was looking for a Christian Science teacher from whom I could take Primary class instruction.

A sweet song to sing

One time, I saw a little boy at the side of a swimming pool, grabbing on to his mom’s legs, refusing to let go.
Testimony of Healing
Two summers ago I began to experience some discomfort in my left foot while walking around.
Testimony of Healing
Thinking back over my spiritual education as a child and teenager, there are a number of experiences I could mention.
Testimony of Healing

Back pain and abnormal growth healed

Christian Science has been proved throughout my life to be a reliable, consistent healing method.
Testimony of Healing

No more falls

One morning about two years ago, as I was walking to the subway on my way to work, I fell down.
Boundless bliss is a feeling in your heart, a feeling in which you know you’re the outcome of God in action.

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