Healing of chronic back pain

Not long after graduating from college, I began experiencing bouts of severe back pain, which occurred a couple of times a year for quite a few years. Each time it happened, I was incapacitated by the pain and unable to get out of bed. And each time this happened, I asked for prayerful help from a Christian Science practitioner, and the pain disappeared within a few days. I remember on one occasion that the practitioner came to our apartment, sat next to my bed, and prayed for me. During these times, I prayed for myself more diligently, was strengthened by the Christian Science treatments given by the practitioner, and felt I was making spiritual progress. And I’d regain painless freedom of movement.

Because the incidents kept occurring, however, I began curtailing some of my activities. I stopped playing tennis, rode my bike less frequently, and no longer went jogging with my husband, all out of fear that sudden movement or strenuous activity might trigger the pain. I really yearned for full freedom from a condition I knew didn’t come from God, Spirit, who is wholly good and the source of my life and action. I wanted to better understand my identity as the perfect, healthy, beloved, spiritual idea of divine Love. Because of previous healings I’d had through turning to God in prayer, I was confident that this problem could be healed through spiritual means as well.

Some years later, I experienced the worst attack yet. I was in bed for several days, unable to move. I felt a sweet sense of love around me, though, from my husband who read to me and took care of me with such tenderness; from church friends who brought meals to our house; and also from the loving practitioner I had called. The practitioner asked me to memorize a paragraph in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy so that I could pray with the ideas in it and keep my thought filled with God’s goodness and power. The passage begins on page 252, line 31: “Spirit, bearing opposite testimony, saith:

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March 17, 2014

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