Overcoming differences

There appears to be a great deal of division of thought in the world today. Good, thinking people firmly take sides on issues, frequently in direct opposition to other good, thinking people. We see “lines in the sand” being drawn. Differences in conservative and liberal points of view, though centuries old, are more strongly defended than before. Many people are preoccupied with factions and extremes. Criticizing the “other side” fuels opposition. Often spiritually minded individuals seek answers through their religious faith. But sometimes even faith can be used to justify division.

What I have learned through my study of Christian Science is the importance of moving even beyond faith, to understanding. In most sciences, understanding is gained through proof, often through experimentation. In that step, individuals apply what they believe to be true to a trial experience. If the trial is successful, it leads to understanding.

Judge? No thanks, I’d rather bless.
March 17, 2014

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