De-escalating violence

One morning recently, I felt a motherly impulsion to wrap my arms around the world in prayer. I felt the urgency of suffering humanity calling out for tender care and protection. Every day the media was filled with new reports of violent crimes, depraved behavior, terrorism, and tribal wars. No one seemed immune: no child, no adult, no race, no religion. Headlines everywhere blazed: “Escalating Violence.”

Right then, the motherly instinct I had long recognized as an expression of divine Love, of Mother-Father Love, or God, was calling me to take a more active part in de-escalating violence. I felt there needed to be not only an answer for comfort after a possible tragedy, but more important, a way to answer the unspoken yearning for the understanding that prevents such an event from happening in the first place—the call not only to bind up wounds but to supply impenetrable protective armor so there would be no occasion for wounds. The need for this is so apparent when we see photos of mothers grieving over their suffering children caught in the web of violence. 

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December 29, 2014

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