Don’t forget God’s love

I had a wonderful physical healing many years ago that always brought me much inspiration when I thought about it, but I never fully understood why the healing came about as it did until the ideas from a Christian Science lecture helped me realize the importance of both Truth and Love, which are synonyms for God, in healing.

At the time of the healing I loved to play baseball, and my team had entered a tournament, where we would play a number of games over a two-week period. During the first game, as I was running from first base to third, on what turned out to be the last play of the ballgame, I pulled up short with an excruciating pain in one leg. The first thought that came to me was slightly amusing: “Wow, you’ve been injured just like a big-league ballplayer!” As a Christian Scientist, who had always relied on God for healing, I quickly recognized the fallacy of that statement. I began to declare the truth of my being as the image and likeness of God (see Genesis 1:26, 27), and to realize that I could never be outside of God’s love. 

The owl in the log
October 6, 2014

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