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Spiritual Perspective on Books

Traveling to surprising spiritual places

From the October 14, 2013 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

The Church Jesus Prayed for: A personal journey into John 17 by Michael Cassidy Monarch Books, 2012 Paperback  When you have read Michael Cassidy’s 415-page “personal journey” into John, chapter 17, you might well ask: “During umpteen readings of the Bible, how could I have missed the importance and healing value of this extraordinary prayer? How many times have I quoted verses from it without seeing John 17 as a whole?” Well, Cassidy spent 50 years exploring and reflecting on this chapter’s 26 verses, so maybe you (and I) haven’t really been so unobservant after all. For 37 years Cassidy embraced John 17 as the basic text for his life, then, hugging its message even more tightly, spent 13 years writing The Church Jesus Prayed For.