God keeps us safe from harm

During my lunch breaks from my job as a day-care worker, I sometimes went to a park to enjoy the outdoors and read, eat, or just watch kids play. I also listened to music or the Christian Science Bible Lesson on my mp3 player. I have always enjoyed this peaceful break.

One day, a few years ago, when I was sitting on a bench enjoying the spring weather, a man whom I did not know approached me. He started talking to me and then got closer and closer. I began to feel afraid because he started to touch me. He said vulgar things and talked about having sex with me. He tried to drag me away. I tried to remember the things that I had been taught in my study of Christian Science. I knew that God is ever present and that I can never be separated from His love. The man was very aggressive and started to assault me. I knew that God gave me the strength to break away, and I was able to run for help.

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