'There is no fear in love'

In the past, insecurity, stress, and fear accompanied my life. But about three years ago, the fear increased to such a depressing condition that the problem of how to overcome it needed to be solved. I did not sleep well. In the mornings I felt I couldn’t get up to do anything, and I often felt paralyzed by the fear. I hardly found any peace.

Through the study of Christian Science, I had already had a number of physical healings over the past years (including neurodermatitis and several allergies), and I had also overcome other difficulties. However, now constant fear determined my thinking. My usual way of praying, which had always been so freeing, hardly seemed possible. That’s why I turned to psychotherapy for help. Through my profession as a Gestalt therapist, it felt natural to me to meet this crisis, among others, by understanding and acknowledging the background of my experiences. However, the fear continued.

Originally written in German, this testimony was first published in the August 2013 German, French, Portuguese, and Spanish editions of The Herald of Christian Science.

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