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We can soar

Sometimes the tiniest things can teach us powerful lessons. As I was sitting in the garden one early morning, my thought was dark with despair. A major challenge consumed my thinking. There seemed to be no way out. Suddenly a fluttering sound drew my attention to a little butterfly scrambling up the side of the two-foot-high garden wall. About halfway up, it dropped back down to the stony ground. Then it began fluttering back up again. I watched, intrigued, as the scenario was repeated over and over, wondering what it was trying to achieve or whether it was injured in some way. 

Eventually the situation seemed quite hopeless, and the good Samaritan in me came out. On its next attempt, I gently scooped it into the palm of my hand and lifted it up the last few inches to the top of the wall. Immediately it flew off with a burst of energy. The transformation from desperate to exuberantly vital was remarkable. 

Testimony of Healing
Chronic pain and desire to die healed
August 15, 2011

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