Cat allergy healed

When our three children were small, we had just about every kind of pet in our home at one time or another—hamsters, fish, mice, birds, gerbils, rabbits, a dog. I say “just about” because I had two hard and fast rules—no reptiles and no cats. I’d never liked cats’ “attitudes” and firmly identified myself as a dog person, not a cat person. Since childhood, I’d also shown the symptoms of being highly allergic to cats. 

Now fast forward 20 years or so. Our children were all grown and living on their own, and my husband and I were invited to spend the weekend at our son’s home. I was sitting on the couch and Viola, my son’s cat, decided to take up residence on my lap. Before long, my eyes and nose started running and itching, and I could hardly see. 

Testimony of Healing
In tune with God—and healing
March 14, 2011

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