Reprinted from The Christian Science Monitor: The Bible in my life

My first recollection of the Bible goes back to my early Sunday School days in the Episcopal church that my parents attended. The Sunday School room had a large sand table, like a sandbox on legs. After hearing Bible stories read to us, we were led to the sand table, where we created oases, formed dunes, and peopled them with cardboard depictions of the Bible characters in the stories. What I learned of these Bible stories in that Sunday School provided a foundation on which to continue building, and I recall those days with fondness.

Some time later, a friend gave me a Bible (she already had one) that had been awarded to her for excellent Sunday School attendance in the Congregational Sunday School. I liked it because all of Jesus’ words were printed in red ink. In public school my acquaintance with the Bible was reinforced through opening exercises at the start of each day, comprised of citations from the Bible, chosen and read by students, and the repetition of the Lord’s Prayer.

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December 12, 2011

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