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Thank you for the Sentinel “Item of Interest,” “Bible translation gets a boost from 21st-century technology”.

Lyrical leading

What’s your favorite psalm?
Items of Interest
The Dead Sea Scrolls entered the digital age [September 26] with the launch of an online project that allows users to search through and read high-resolution versions of the 2,000-year-old texts.
Items of Interest
Approximately 80 Christian Science nurses from around the globe gathered early in September for a three-day conference held at CedarS Camps in Lebanon, Missouri.
Keep it simple with the psalms' uncomplicated, authentic truths.
God's allness rings clear for this writer as the result of a meaningful healing.
When his brother is stranded on a dark sea, this man turns to God in prayer.

No 'ifs' about it

Our life isn't governed by chance or cosmic whim – and that includes careers!

Expect delays? No way

While driving through the mountains recently, I came upon several roadwork projects.
It's helpful to watch our thoughts, just as we would our luggage at the airport.
Praying for her child brings important spiritual growth to this mom.

'Unceasing' prayer

While we were raising four children, I would occasionally read this verse from the Bible in the Christian Science Bible Lesson, “Pray without ceasing”.

Progress report

A high-school student prays to gain confidence with her studies.

Because God is

Because God is unchanging LoveI am free to listen for His voice from aboveI am pure and perfect in His eyesI reflect truth, there are no lies
Reprinted from The Christian Science Monitor.
How I Found Christian Science
Divine Mind was transforming and renewing my consciousness, rewiring me on a very fundamental level.
Sentinel Watch

'Senior moment'? Forget it!

Mind is infinite intelligence, so there is no other mind that could age, breakdown, or be lost.
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson

Discover God's glory

Man and the universe reveal God's glory.
Testimony of Healing
Allergy season: It was on the news; it was the discussion in the grocery line, the playground, the gym.
Testimony of Healing

'Whole, not hole'

During a regular checkup, the dentist told me I had a cavity that needed to be filled.
Testimony of Healing

Prayer heals skin condition

An experience I had several years ago strengthened my spiritual roots and deepened my conviction in the power of God to always meet every need, no matter how challenging the situation may appear to be.
From the Editors
The examples are legion.

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